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Glass To Diamonds
It's time to change,
The glass to diamonds,
We won't break further,
Anymore smaller than now,
We're not a fragile piece
Because our beauty comes,
From pain and pressure,
You've burned through me,
Leaving the remnants the black coal,
Of the pieces of my broken heart,
Into a crystal clear light,
Shining bright like a diamond,
No matter how hard you smash now,
I won't break to your words,
Life goes on all around you,
While you stick to your shadows,
Clinging on to the sands of time,
I am now immortal and standing tall,
In the sunlight smiling down on you...
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Season's Change
I see you watch the seasons past,
In a permanent rendition of change,
But you're stuck in the cold winter,
Your body emaciated by your lost,
You're eyes turn dead and glassy,
Like your reflection on black ice,
As you drink the cold cup of coffee,
A bleak reminder of your warm past,
Why can't you see past the frost,
And look at your friends and me,
We're holding pieces you've lost,
After your death you'll see,
Death is another cycle of change,
One wintry night in summer,
On the peak of a blue moon,
I see a spark of blue in you,
Steady and unwavering,
A smile on your pink lips,
Gracing us with their presence,
As if they never left,
In your hands warm hot chocolate,
I see you waking from deep slumber,
Finally your gaze filled with joy,
On this very night I see you again
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Blood Vines by TimeRatioSpace Blood Vines :icontimeratiospace:TimeRatioSpace 0 0 Nightlight by TimeRatioSpace Nightlight :icontimeratiospace:TimeRatioSpace 0 0 Warm Hearth by TimeRatioSpace Warm Hearth :icontimeratiospace:TimeRatioSpace 0 0
The darkness grows,
Each passing day,
It's the ink in milk,
Creeping from its heart,
The thorn in its side,
A diseased seed nurtured,
Into a full choking flower,
Solid as a column of smoke,
Just as toxic as any poison,
Staining it's white canvas,
With black drops of shadows,
The spreading black sea,
Across the heavens tonight,
It's the fear in dreams,
The reason we wake at night,
A being of angle and shadows,
The distorted image rippling,
Across a midnight black lake,
Because it is as ethereal,
And firm in this world,
Because its the nightmare,
Given birth from dark thoughts,
It is the blindfold tied to us,
For the most silent and wise,
Because what scare the foolish most,
Is what we cannot comprehend..
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Bird On Wire
I'm a bird on wire,
And the line grows thinner,
But it is still there,
Waiting for me to cross,
Onto either side of war,
The most sensitive scale,
To merge victorious,
But even more to remain,
The same after bloodshed,
My actions must not provoke,
Or tip over anything,
The choice between mercy,
And bittersweet revenge,
Very difficult indeed,
Flight or fight this battle,
To try to win this war,
But an independent unit,
Risk losing all in this game,
Facing reality,
To run from the truth,
That I can't hide from,
I can't evade forever,
My luck would run out,
All way too soon,
To remain a neutral factor,
Is more difficult than either,
Because it's a flexible option,
Without any loyalty in question,
Filled with endless isolation,
I can't afford to love another,
Without paranoia or betrayal,
I only have one duty,
To take no sides with anyone,
Except Neutrality...
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Time Out
I wonder have time,
Ever felt this real,
It's the noose of rope,
Tied around my neck,
Leaving me hanging,
And yet it's the sand,
Shifting from my grasp,
As I watch it slip,
Circling the black hole,
Into the solid shadows,
Into the point of no return,
Every second wasted,
Is every second gone,
Its a race I can't win,
And yet I still run,
I still hold my heart,
To my mortal body,
For fear to sever,
Into the land beyond,
There was a time,
Where time was infinite,
Now every step matters,
Matched by every minute,
I wish I could shatter,
The tick of each clock,
Because every hand taunts me,
Unable to save anything left,
That I still hold dear
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My Paradox
My body is frozen,
In a place apart from time,
Can't step forward,
No way back,
But nothing,
Will stop me,
In my mind I am free,
I fight on and on,
Against immortal bonds,
Never to leave,
Time is my nemesis,
Space my prison,
I'm damned,
As Ancient Of Days,
A title no more,
As I watch,
Everything I love,
Corrupt and decay,
And yet I move on,
I continue,
An endless journey,
Cursing infinity,
The endless loop,
Trapped in the husk,
Of a youth,
A body with the mind,
Of an ancient soul,
Condemned to death,
Yet I live on,
Untouched by insanity,
Time has shattered,
Space warped,
Disfiguring my jail,
I'm finally free,
As vast as space immemorial,
Time's ticking on,
So I must begone,
What tangled webs I weave,
Creating a series of unfortunate events,
As reality creates,
My paradox...
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The Black Butterfly Effect
You're a thrown dark stone ,
Breaking a pool of white ice,
The cracks webbing across the surface,
The result of your lies,
But have you forgotten,
The scars mark you too,
I have to give you some credit,
The sheer amount of blackmail,
You collected over years,
You play the devil's advocate,
Flipping cards in the wheel of fortune,
Just your presence has tainted this city,
A cancer with no cure,
Planting tumors everywhere,
This influence of yours spreads,
As quick and far as the eye can see,
I can see it in your emerald eyes,
The web of souls within us,
Corrupted by your hands,
Playing it like a guitar,
Building a crescendo,
From echoes of other's sorrow,
For your dark symphony,
You're a black butterfly,
Playing with spider's silk,
And I'm waiting for the day,
You get entangled in your own net
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Your touch's a hazard,
A monster with human skin,
Each look a pain,
Every stare full of venom,
All tears corossive,
Dripping black blood,
Every words a sting,
I wonder what makes you tick,
Because your heart's frozen,
How can you live like this?
Without guilt and regret,
Because if I were you,
I long ago drove insane,
Your melancholic song,
Is a siren scream,
The banshee's wail,
Is music to your ears,
You mark the walls,
Ready for death's door,
Your enemies fear you,
Far into the afterlife,
Cursed by the day,
They met you,
Every murder by your hand,
Leave tortured souls haunting,
Yet you never pause,
To stop snuffling the candles,
Of other people's second chances,
I guess there's no rest,
For someone this wicked
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